Minea & Asociatii

Nobody can avail oneself of not knowing the law!

We consider that the profession as lawyer is a noble profession and that it has to be practiced as such in order not to be derived from its social role, we consider that the most important thing in the lawyer - client relationship is the reciprocal trust and confidentiality, whereas the lawyer performs its activity only in strict compliance with the professional deontology of the law and strictly in the client’s interest.

Our single concern consists in offering personalized professional services and an overall view over the entire range of legal problems, which may occur.

""Minea & Asociatii SCA" Philosophy

• Development of long lasting relationships with its clients, based on reciprocal trust and honesty, developing the firm along with its clients

• Continuous qualification of its members and rendering highly professional services

• Continuous improvement of its activity by applying the most recent organizational management and human resources extensive knowledge

• Involvement in social matters and community’s dynamic, being concerned of and granting support to non-governmental organizations, especially to those that have as purpose the long term development of social relationships, based on the full respect of the human and property rights, without any discrimination between persons.

No matter of the domain in question, our team is personally involved in the management of the dossiers by accompanying you in all steps taken, whereas a privileged partnership is created, based on a reciprocal trust relationship.