Minea si Asociatii

About us

A law office has to know that each and any situation is special; nothing shall be treated indifferently or with a lack of interest, whereas detailed explanations shall not be avoided due to the lack of time.

"Minea si Asociatii SCA" is formed out of a young and dynamic team, which has started its activity by offering mainly services in the field of commercial and civil law, both in contentious and non- contentious matters, and at present, it covers a wide legal range, providing consultancy services and representation inclusively in fields like: labor law, competition law, intellectual property law, administrative law, human rights law, whereas, in the course of time, it has succeeded to improve and to accumulate experience in order to serve your best interests and obtain the best results.

Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients. We understand our clients’ need for stability, safety and efficient interests protection strategies, for which reason we continuously improve our working technique and method.

"Minea si Asociatii SCA" undertakes mainly to prevent and thereafter to solve the discrepancies you could face. For this reason a prominent role plays the assessment of the legal situation, the establishment of the most appropriate modalities in order to protect your rights and interests and the effort to solve disputes through mediation and direct negotiation.

The confidential character of the legal counseling represents one of the basic ethic principles of our activity, not only a generally accepted demand, and the highly professional representation of all our clients represents a priority. Thus, the commitment regarding the strict compliance with the confidential character of the information disclosed during the performance of our professional activity represents for us not only an obligation but a principle of the professional ethics, which has to be observed both during the collaboration with each client and after the eventual termination thereof.

Our lawyers shall find the proper solutions to your problems in the shortest time possible and in a very concise manner. We are used to very short due terms and we understand that our clients are looking for durable practical solutions.

Our lawyers are aware of the fact that a competent solution to a situation presented by the client can not be achieved without a profound study of all law domains, each law case having interconnection with at least two domains.

The technology, communication and as creative as possible challenges are some of our day by day guiding premises. Our team is focused to collaborate with you in the most efficient way possible, in order to see that your needs and expectations have been accomplished from all points of view.