Minea & Asociatii


Fields of activity

"Minea & Asociatii SCA" offers to its clients legal services in the most important fields of the law, having as final purpose the continuous protection of the rights and interests thereof, within the context of an extremely complex business environment and legislation system.

• Commercial field

"Minea & Asociatii SCA" has the necessary experience and resources in order to offer to its clients legal consultancy and assistance, for the purpose of drawing up, negotiating and executing a wide range of contracts, like services contracts, distribution contracts, financial and operational leasing contracts, agency contracts, association contracts, consultancy contracts a.s.o. Our purpose is to obtain firm guarantees related to the execution of the obligations on the part of the contractors, so that the business of our clients should be hold harmless against any possible non-observance of the commitments thereof. Therefore, before concluding any contract, we perform all necessary steps to make sure of the good standing, and more important, of the solvency of our clients’ potential partners.

• Corporative field

Our team supervises and offers consultancy in respect to the establishment and transformation of companies, no matter of the trade’s company legal form and ensures the drawing up of the constitutive acts thereof, as well as the verification of the observance thereof during the performance of the trade activities. Also, we do our best to ensure our clients’ conformity with the legal provisions related to the company’s evidences, convocation and performance of the general meeting of the associates or shareholders, but also related to the transfers of shares or social parts or to the appointment or revocation of the companies’ management.

• Fiscal field

Our lawyers can offer you legal solutions in order to maximize your investments and minimize the due taxes payable by trade companies, providing consultancy and assistance in respect to issues like VAT, tax on profit and income, new taxes applicable on real estate transactions and on the capital, but also in respect to fiscal inspections and disputes with fiscal authorities; also, we offer assistance in case of dossiers that are pending at the Court of Auditors.

• Public acquisitions field

We offer to our clients assistance in respect to the conclusion and execution of public acquisitions contracts, including consultancy related to the eligibility thereof, drawing up of the documentation and of the offer, representation in front of the state institutions involved in that processes, as well as the exercise of court actions as per the applicable law, in case of unfavorable solutions.

• Administrative field

We assist our clients in their relationships with the local and central authorities, and, when the interests thereof are harmed by an action of the executive power, we intervene and take over the drawing up and upholding of the actions within the administrative litigation court.

• Intellectual property field

Our clients may benefit of legal assistance in matters related to the enlisting of the trade marks and inventions at the OSIM, as well as assistance and representation within proceedings that are debated in front of that institution. Also, we are able of offering qualified assistance in matters related to the field of patrimonial and non-patrimonial copy rights and the field of software and internet applications.

• Work relations field

"Minea & Asociatii SCA" offers consultancy to companies in respect to all aspects in connection with work relations, including the conclusion of individual and collective labor contracts, supervision of the performance thereof, ascertaining and sanctioning disciplinary infringements, drawing up clauses related to the loyal character, non-competition or confidentiality, but also to the individual or collective dismissal of the employees. We are able to assist or represent our clients in front of the court in case any work disputes should occur, being entirely acquainted with such special procedures.

• Receivables recovery

Our firm offers to its clients efficient solutions in order to recover as soon as possible amounts of money owed by their debtors, both extrajudicial (conciliation, mediation, compensations, etc.) and enforcements, making use, if necessary, also of emergency procedures in front of courts.

• Real estate property

We assist our clients in the real estate domain, in respect to the property transfers, concessions, lets and sublets, lease etc., taking over the verification of the real estates’ legal situation, drawing up of the contracts, assistance in front of the public authorities and public notary offices, as well as performing all related cadastral procedures.

• Economic offences

We offer consultancy and ensure legal assistance and representation for prejudiced persons following the commitment of penal acts such as: fraud, dilapidation, fraudulent bankruptcy, breach of the company’s trust or related to the issue and trade of securities on the capital market.

• Arbitration, mediation and conciliation

In order to avoid the useless bureaucracy and delays of the trials, we encourage our clients to try alternative methods to solve disputes and we are prepared to negotiate favorable solutions for them through arbitration, mediation or conciliation.

• Disputes in court

We have the necessary experience and knowledge in lawsuits in order to ensure an efficient representation of our clients in court, in case of civil, commercial, administrative, fiscal, penal or labor and social insurances related disputes.